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Some Space Objects Are Visible To The Human Eye


Dear NASA,

I want to be included in one of your space missions. I will tell you what I know about space.

 I know the arrangement of the universe which is important. First is Earth, that planet that we live on.  Next is the solar system. The solar system has nine planets. The arrangement is getting less specific every time. Third is the Milky Way, our galaxy. The last one is the biggest. It’s huge, it’s called the universe. There are billions of galaxy’s in the universe.

The Milky Way

I also know what constellations are. Constellations are what groups of stars that form a pattern. An example of a constellation is Aries. Throughout time, people have used constellations for measuring time and navigation. Back then the people didn’t have a clock to tell them the time so they used the constellations. Navigation was also used in the olden times because they didn’t have  GPS’s or maps  so they used constellations to guide them selves.

The Little Dipper, One of our Constellations

Hope this is good enough for letting me be on the next space mission. Please let me get the job.




Dear Saurav,

You knew a lot about this topic I want to hire you, your next space mission will be to the Moon. We will want you to come here to start you training as soon as possible. The mission will start in six more months.


Neil Armstrong NASA


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  1. Saurav,

    I think this was a wonderful blog!!

    I also liked how you included that reply letter!

    But i think next time you could add more info!!


    Comment by 2009rt6scirita | March 16, 2010 | Reply

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