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Telescopes Allow Us To Study Space From Earth


This is the Electromagnetic Spectrum. It’s in order by the size of their wavelengths. A wave length is the measurement between each wave. This ordered from the biggest wavelength to the smallest. The radio waves start big then get smaller when you go to microwaves then the infrared after that is visible light, next is uv which stands for ultra violet. After this is x-rays, the last one is gamma rays the one which has the smallest waves.

There is a crest which is shown in this picture and the trough.

Refracting Telescope

The picture above is a refracting telescope. I will tell you what the different features on the two types of telescopes and the types of telescopes. A simple definition of a telescope is a device that gathers electromagnetic radiation. A refracting telescope has an objective lens which is labeled. It also has a curved piece of glass, at one of the ends of the tube. The telescopes lens gathers light and  focuses it to create an image close to the tube. The eyepiece makes it a close up picture or image.

Reflecting Telescope

The next telescope is the reflecting telescope. This type of telescope has a curved mirror that combines light. The picture comes into focus in front of the mirror. A lot of reflecting telescopes have a second mirror that reflects the picture to a lens called an eyepiece.

Radio Telescope

Radio telescopes show were radio waves are being ejected from by things in space. It has a curved metal surface, called a dish, that combines the radio waves and focuses them onto the antenna. The dish kind of works the same way as the main mirror on the reflecting telescope. Radio waves are so long, a radio telescope must be big to produce images that we can use or will be useful.

Hubble Telescope

The Hubble telescope is a reflecting telescope. Astronomers sent it into space in 1990. They control the telescope from Earth. Astronauts also went to the telescope to make repairs and improvements. The telescope sends images back to Earth electronically. The Hubble telescope also produces images with ultraviolet and infrared radiation not just with visible light.


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