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Space Exploration Benefits Society


Space exploration has helped us in everyday things because the technology that is used in space missions might be important for someone’s life. When we explore other worlds it sometimes help us learn about impacts of space objects. When an object hits the surface of a larger object in space, it explodes and leaves behind a deep hole which is called an impact crater. Earth has only a little evidence that Earth has been hit by impact craters in the past. The impact craters changes because of wind and water. Water cover 75% of Earth, so some impact craters can be in big bodies of water on Earth. The only planets or moons that we can see impact craters are our Moon and Mercury. You can see their impact crater because they don’t have wind or water.


The only reason why Earth has water is because of the Earth’s temperature. Mars and Venus, the two planets closest to Earth have no liquid. If you compare Earth with those two planets you can tell by their temperature. Mars and Venus’ temperature are really warm because they’re the two closest planets to the Sun. Scientist’s and astronomers also think that there is something that the Earth receives from the Sun which makes a difference. People think that the small changes visible on the Sun’s surface can affect weather on Earth. These have also caused cooling periods in the Earth’s atmosphere.

One of the most important things is satellite technology Satellites collects data from every planet. The information is sent to receivers on Earth. The information is then turned into images. Weather satellites show different conditions on the Earth’s atmosphere. Pictures and information have improved our forecasting so we will know if the weather changes earlier. Scientists can also provide warnings for something dangerous earlier so people might have time to prepare or get out of that region. Other satellites collect pictures of the Earth’s surface and how it is being changed by natural events and our people. Satellites now are used for wildlife preservation, conservation of natural resources, and mapping.


NASA always makes advanced technology. What NASA uses might be found everywhere like, homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Mostly everything on a spacecraft has to be light because if things are heavy on a spacecraft then it would have a hard time for its launch. You can use these advanced technology for diagnosing diseases and help people overcome disabilities. Materials on a spacecraft have to survive when it is in extreme weather like if it is cold and if it really hot. Many new homes and buildings contain fireproof materials. Firefighters also use suits because when they’re in a fire they could use a fire-proof suit. NASA has helped us by cleaning our air, water, and food.


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