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Positions Of The Sun And Moon Affect Earth



Waxing-getting bigger

Waning- getting smaller

The Order of the Phases:

1. New Moon -First Week

2. Waxing Crescent -First Week

3. First Quarter -Second Week

4. Waxing Gibbous -Second Week

5. Full Moon -Third Week

6. Waning Gibbous -Third Week

7. Third Quarter -Fourth Week

8. Waning Crescent -Fourth Week

There are two types of eclipses; lunar and solar.


Eclipse-It happens when a shadow makes the Sun or the Moon seem to grow dark. In a lunar eclipse, the Moon becomes dark. In a solar eclipse, the sun seems to darker.

This is the order of the Sun, Earth, and Moon during a lunar eclipse. First is the Sun then comes our Earth and last of all is the Moon. For an eclipse to happen all three of these objects have to lineup in a straight line.

Lunar Eclipse

During a solar eclipse the sun is first like always. Then is the Moon and last is Earth.

Solar Eclipse

Tides occur because the Moon’s gravity changes the shape of Earth’s oceans. The Moon pulls on different amounts of force. It pulls the hardest on the side nearest it.  In this animation it is showing how each ocean on Earth gets high tide and then  low tide.

High Tide

If you are at an ocean, there might have been some usual patterns of tides. At first you might see dry sand that slopes down to the ocean. The average water rises for about 6 hours. The highest  level is called a high tide. Then the water drops and it is in the lowest level called a low tide. Then the water level keeps on rising then falling. There are two high tides everyday which mean that there is two low tides everyday.

Low Tide


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