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The Moon Is Earth’s Natural Satellite

Childrens Book

Apollo’s Success: The Story on the Moon 

Neil Armstrong is on the Moon. He had reported that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 380,000 kilometers or 240,000 mi. Buzz Aldrin has stepped in something called a crater. Both of them are walking and walking then they see a huge dark area. They warned each other not to fall into one because those things are deep. When they got closer they saw a sign inside the dark area and it said mare. They passed more and more mares and then there were two mares and instead of a sign which said mare it said maria. Neil figured out that was the plural word for mare. Buzz and Neil both wanted to take a look inside the mare. The put their heads down and saw nothing but rock. They were hoping it be ocean. This discovery meant that were was no water on the Moon. They were walking around the Moon hoping that they would meet someone. There was no sign of life which was also disappointing. While they were walking on top of something they thought that this was a crater because it was higher than the maria. At school they also learned that these were called lunar high lands. They pretended that they were king of the Moon when they were on top of the crater. Buzz and Neil were bored so they decided to go back to Earth. When they were getting ready to launch they saw a small object hit the Moon’s surface. They ran out to see what it was. Walked and walked until they saw a crater. Not these two figured out how craters were formed, when something hits a planet’s surface. They were wondering why they couldn’t find craters on the Earth’s surface. Then a fact came to Buzz’s head. The Earth is covered by 75% of water. He told Neil his idea about water and the craters on Earth. After this discover they both went back to their home on Earth.



Mass-1% of Earth’s mass

Diameter-27% of Earth’s diameter

Average Distance from Earth-380,000 km

Orbits in-27.3 Earth days

Rotates in-27.3 Earth days

A long time ago some of the biggest craters filled with molten rock, or lava, that came from under the Moon’s surface. The lava filled the coldest areas, creating the big, flat plains called the maria. The biggest maria are on the near side of the Moon. However, the deepest one is on the far side; close to the Moon’s South Pole. When you look at the disk of the Moon, there are some light areas and dark areas on the Moon’s surface. The pull of gravity keeps the Moon where we want it to be, not just wandering or floating some place else. You know how the Moon is closest to Earth, but it still is a long way. The diameter of the Moon is about one-fourth of the Earth. The Moon is about thirty Earth diameters away.


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