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Planets Orbit The Sun At Different

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The Space Gazette

Do you know that when you look up at the sky and you think you’re look at a star it could be a planet. If you think you saw a very bright star in the sky during the early evening.  The planet was probably Venus. If you live in a city, you could have probably seen Mars, Jupiter, or maybe Saturn. Mercury is harder to see. There are three planets in the solar system which you have to use a telescope to see them. The three planets are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astronomer use something called  AU’s, which stands for astronomical unit. They use it to measure distances from the Sun to a planet. One AU equals 150 million kilometers. Astronomers made up AU’s because then they wouldn’t have to say big numbers. The Earth is about 1 AU away from the Sun. 

The Order of the Planets 

1. Mercury

2. Venus

3. Earth

4. Mars

5. Jupiter

6. Saturn

7. Uranus

8. Neptune

9. Pluto

AU’s Away From The Sun

Earth 1AU

Mercury 0.39 AU

Venus 0.72 AU

Mars 1.5 AU

Jupiter 5.2 AU

Saturn 9.5 AU

Uranus 19 AU

Neptune 30 AU

Pluto 40 AU


The Sun covers more than 99% of our solar system. The gravity pulls from this big mass causes planets and most other objects in the solar system to orbit the Sun. Most objects orbit the Sun in a shape called an ellipse. Ellipse is a flattened circle or oval.


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