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The Inner Solar System Has Rocky Planets

Newspaper Article

Planet Times

In space there is something called terrestrial planets. The terrestrial planets are the four inner planets. They consist of Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The similarities of the planets are that they have all have rocky crusts and dense mantles and cores.

Cool FactTerra comes from the Latin word meaning Earth.


 The terrestrial planets have four processes that shaped each of the planet’s rocky crust.

Tectonics-A hot mantle can move about and distort the crust above it.


Volcanism-Hot, molten rock can flow or explode out onto the surface of a planet.


Weathering and Erosion-Rock can be broken down and moved.

This Has Experience Weathering and Erosion

Impact Cratering-A small space object can hit a planet’s surface and leave a crater.




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