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The Outer Solar System Has Four Giant Planets


Stacy: What are the gas giants?

Stacy’s Mom: They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Look I just said it in order.

Stacy: Why do they call it the gas giants?

Stacy’s Mom: All the gas giants have gases mainly include hydrogen, helium, and some other gases. Jupiter’s colorful stripes are produced by clouds at different levels in the deep atmosphere. Do you know how Jupiter takes less than 10 hours to rotate once on its axis?

Stacy: Yah, now I kind of know what you’re talking about.

Stacy’s Mom: The fast rotation causes fast winds which make strong storms. Out of all of Jupiter’s storm, the Great Red Spot is the biggest. It is so big that the width of it is twice the size of Earths.

Stacy: Can we talk about Saturn, it’s my favorite planet because it has big rings around the planet.

Stacy’s Mom: It is also called the “Jewel of the Solar System.”

Stacy: Is it called that because of its huge rings.

Stacy’s Mom: Saturn is the sixth planet away from the Sun. Saturn is only a little bit smaller then Jupiter but the mass of Saturn is one-third of Jupiter’s. Because the mass is smaller than Jupiter’s mass Saturn has a lower density. Saturn was the first planet to be known to have rings. Rings are a wide , flat zone of small particles of some sort orbit the planet.

Stacy: Yes, now we get learn about the planets that are blue.

Stacy’s Mom: You’re right; lets talk about Uranus. Uranus is similar to the other gas giants because Uranus also has rings like Saturn. Uranus’ rings are thinner. For some reason Uranus seems to spin on its side. Most scientists think that threre could have been a big accident in Uranus’ history.

Stacy: Can we move on because I want to learn about my favorite planet of all, Neptune.

Stacy’s Mom: I know why you like it because blue is your favorite clor and Neptune is the only planet that is blue.

Stacy: That is exactly why I like Neptune.

Stacy’s Mom: Lets start getting some information about Neptune in your head. Neptune has a big moon that orbits in the opposiste direction. They probably think this happened because there was a collision in the history of the planet.  Once Voyager 2 flew threw Neptune and a saw a Great Dark Spot. The Dark Spot didn’t stay it kept on moving around Neptune’s  Equator. After a few years the hubble telescope took some pictures and there was no sign of the Great Dark Spot and there was no sign of it.


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