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The Sun Is Our Local Star


Our Sun

Once upon a time there was something called the Sun. The Sun was the only star in our solar system. He was really lonely because he didn’t have stars to hang out with. There were eight other planets but they didn’t want to get close to it because it was really hot. But then the planets realized that the Sun gave out some energy so they wanted to hang out with him. They got in a line and Mercury was first, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and the last one is Neptune. Uranus and Neptune wanted their own energy so they tried to find how the Sun made energy. They found that it contained a lot of hydrogen that turned into helium. Neptune and Uranus couldn’t fight back because they weren’t that big because if they would compare Earth to the Sun, the Sun would be the mass of an elephant and Earth would be a sparrow. Neptune’s and Uranus’ plan didn’t work so they had to be friends with the Sun. Next day all the planets came around Sun and started talking about him. The Sun said that he has an interior and atmospheres. They all have three layers. The core is in the center of me. Inside me it is like 15 million degrees. Everyone was really amazed because they were never that warm. He also said that is the place where hydrogen turns into helium; another name for it is fusion. Then he started explaining about the next layer which was about the radiative zone. “That is when energy moves by radiation,” said the Sun. Sun started explaining about the last layer in the interior called the convection zone. He explained that is when currents of hot gas in that zone move energy out.

“Next is my atmosphere,” said the Sun. “Photosphere is the only layer you can actually see and then is the chromosphere is the middle layer of the Sun, that layer gives out a pinkish type of light,” said Sun. He also told the planets about the outer most layer called the corona; he also said that is the layer that you see during a solar eclipse.

“I also have three things on me that I only tell things I can trust so I am going to tell you.” Neptune and Uranus were going to be really happy because they were going to tell everyone the Sun’s secret. He said, “There are three things on me, one of them are called sunspots.” “Other things can only see them on the photosphere and their surroundings are cool.” He also told the planets about prominences and flares. Prominences are huge loops of gas that glows that reach out to the corona. Flares are eruptions of hot gas from the Sun’s surface. “I also cause something called a solar wind on Earth, do you want to explain it?” said the Sun.

Okay,” said the Earth. ” Material’s from Sun’s corona is wandering around space; and then electrical particles that just float in the sky from the corona. “My magnetic field helps the people who live on me,” said the Earth.  Neptune and Uranus thought the Sun was nice so they all decided to be friends with him.

Solar Wind


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