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Small Space Objects Are Made Of Ice And Rock


Dear Saurav,

I heard that you have been trying to figure out if Pluto is a planet or not. I can help you with that question; I’ll also be explaining about some other space objects out there.

During the year 1930, scientists discovered another planet called Pluto. This planet was discovered way before the other objects in space were. Since then there was nine planets. Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system; it is so small that it is smaller than the Earth’s Moon. Scientists think that Pluto has a core, mantle, and crust. They believe in this statement because it is in a round shape. Also Pluto has a thin atmosphere. You are probably wondering why I didn’t tell you if it is a planet or not, it is because I’m giving you some facts then you can figure it out by yourself. You cannot get a precise picture of the planet because no spacecraft has gotten near it.


Pluto has a moon called Charon. The diameter of Charon is one-half of Pluto’s diameters. Sometimes people call Charon and Pluto a double planet because they always keep the same sides turned toward each other.

Asteroids are rocky bodies that orbit close to the Sun. Their diameter is 1000 kilometers or 600 miles. A big asteroid has a weak pull of gravity so the shape can’t get rounded. Other asteroids are broken pieces of larger, rounded asteroids. The surfaces of an asteroid are covered with craters. Comets are objects that produce comas. Comets are farther from the Sun so they are made up of ice and rock, even metal. Their orbits are mostly in an oval shape. Some of the comets orbit might be behind Pluto. When a comet gets close to the Sun, something called solar radiations makes the surface of the comet warm and turns some of the ice into gas. A coma forms when the gas moves out, carrying dust with it. Meteors are particles in the air around them become hot enough to glow, producing streaks. You can probably see a few meteors every hour at night. Earth passes through a whole bunch of meteors that are called meteor showers. Meteorite is an object from space that can reach the Earth’s surface. The outside of a meteorite is mostly smooth and melting; the inside is still frozen. Most meteorites come from the asteroid belt.  






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