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Stars Change Over Their Life Cycles


January 5, 2010- Saurav finds out that there is something called a light-year. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. One light-year equals 9.5 trillion kilometers or 6 trillion miles. The closest star which is outside the solar system is 4 light-years away.

January 6, 2010- Saurav finds out that there are five ways to describe a star. You can describe a star by their brightness, distance, size, color, and temperature.

January 7, 2010- Parallax is the different view of a star and how you look at it.

January 8, 2010- The size of the different types of stars. The biggest is supergiant star, the second biggest is the giant star, the third biggest is our sun, and the smallest star is the white dwarf.

Supergiant star compared to the Sun

January 9, 2010-

Class Color Surface Temperature in (Celsius)
O Blue-white Above 25,000
B Blue-white 10,000-25,000
A White 7,500-10,000
F Yellow-white 6,000-7,500
G Yellow 5,000-6,000
K Orange 3,500-5,000
M Red Below 3,500

January 10, 2010- Our Sun is in the class is G because the Sun is the color yellow.

January 11, 2010- Stars are formed inside a huge group of clouds called a nebula. To make a star gravity needs to pull gas and dust closer. When a star dies the stars matter doesn’t die it just moves into another nebula or move into an existing one. At the end the matter becomes a part of new stars.


January 12, 2010- Main sequence is when hydrogen turns into helium. Neutron star is the collapsed core of a supergiant star may form a dense body. Black hole is when a supergiant star dies and then an invisible hole is left behind.

Black Hole


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  1. Saurav,

    I think this was a good blog.

    I really like how you added that chart!!!


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