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The Universe Is Expanding


Come and check out our new Science University. You can learn about the Doppler effect, Big Bang, and much more.

Let me give you a head start. This might be useful so if I were you I would read it. You can study about galxies by the light they give off. The light has traveled for millions or even billions of years. The closest galaxy to ours is the Andromeda Galaxy. The light of its stars takes over two million years. If you want to be really good at space you can look at farther galaxies and see how they looked years ago.

Don’t like that you can learn about the Doppler effect. Have you ever heard when an ambulance siren goes by you the noise is lous but then it gets farther away and then you hear less or you can’t hear anything? Now you can learn why this happens. The shifting of the pitch makes a change in the wavelength or frequency. This effect also works with light too. If a galaxy is coming closer to Earth then there are shaorter wavelengths.

Do you want to learn about the universe’s jistory? If you do then the Big Bang if for you. The big bang is the moment of time when the universe started to expand. Astronomers thought it happened fourteen billion years ago. The expansion was really fast. In a tiny fraction, a speck of dust turned into a sloar system and then into an universe.

Come and join our crew and then you can be a scientist or an astronomer.


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